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Appropriated Appellation: Was sarcastically dubbed “Echo” by his squadmates due to his tendency to repeat every order given to his team. Harmful to Minors: The …

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Cataclysm Backstory: The series is set in a group of countries that were originally colonies of empires badly weakened by a magical plague. Conjoined Twins: …

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When Gaara was a child ostracized by everyone, his maternal uncle Yashamaru was the only one who treated him like a human being. He’s pretty …

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The first Nando’s restaurant opened its doors in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since then, the Nando’s flame has spread to 1,200 restaurants in 23 …

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Can be a trait of The Anti Nihilist or the Knight in Sour Armor, and used to deconstruct the Straw Nihilist mentality.. Crowd Song: No …

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Boss Only Level: Bolivia Redux consists entirely of boss arena. We get to see a washing machine made out of a person. Feeling Oppressed by …

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Medan Europeiska unionen behandlar tstramningstgrder och skuldlttnad fr Grekland, Irland och Portugal, har regionen inte kunnat fokusera p vnda sin ekonomiska motor. Tyskland, det versta …

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